December 19, 2014


Okey, you know you need to eat your veggies - but which ones pack the most punch? Here are the vegetables with the most nutritional value.


Broccoli is chock full of cancer-fighting antioxidants, plus beta-carotene, vitamin C and folate which keep your immune system happy and reduce risk of cataracts and heart disease. Broccoli is also an awesome source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. Is there anything broccoli can't do?


Common orange carrots are betacarotene powerhouses, and rainbow carrots are full of other nutritional assets - red carrots have extra lycopene and purple carrots are higher in antioxidants. Did you know that cooking carrots actually make their nutrients more bioavailable to you? And their nutrients are best absorbed if eaten with a little fat, so feel free to saute with that olive oil!


That Popeye knew a thing or two about veggies, and his preferred leafy green is one of the most vitamin-packed foods you can find! Spinach also has anti-cancer carotenoids and it is a great source of iron. But don't overcook spinach, or you risk losing much of its nutritional value. (Baby spinach salad? Now you're talking.)


Well, we all know tomatoes are really a fruit, but we do love to treat them like a vegetable. And lucky for us, they are packed with lycopene and plentiful vitamins making this fruit-in-veggie-clothing another effective cancer fighter.


Kale has been a darling of the food nutrition for a few years now and for excellent reasons. Kale is a great source of antioxidant vitamins A, C, and K and phytonutrients, plus many cancer fighting nutrients. (Feel a little skeptical about Kale? Try making kale chips in the oven. Even my 4 year old can't get enough!)


You've probably noticed by now that all these very healthy vegetables are also bright and colorful! Ruby-colored beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains which are great for anti-inflammatory and detoxification support. Try them raw in a salad for the most nutritional impact.

Sweet Potatoes

Pass over regular white potatoes for their orange-hued cousin, sweet potatoes! These guys are full of beta-carotene, plus manganese and vitamins C and E.

Red Bell Peppers

Like tomatoes, bell peppers are actually a fruit, but treated like a vegetable. All peppers are a great source of nutrients, whether spicy or mild, but go for color. Red bell peppers are full of fiber, folate, vitamin K, and the minerals molybdenum and manganese.

Brussels Sprouts

Much maligned Brussels sprouts are a fabulous source of folate, plus vitamins C and K as well as being very high in fiber. My tip: they are really great roasted which caramelizes and brings out their sweet flavor. Drizzle them with balsamic vinegar!


Eggplant is known for being high in antioxidants and being helpful in both lowering blood pressure and weight management. Don't be afraid of eating the skin which contains some awesome antioxidants!

December 9, 2014


Hello everyone...
Its busy, dizzy and sangatlah packed dengan kerja-kerja before end of 2014 but Alhamdulillah still have time to write here in Dec 2014. Personally SK busy dengan kerja, personal dan juga new business venture yang SK buat sekarang yang mana lebih focus to health and etc.

Before the program ageLOC TR90, with lovely dear friend Haida

Before the program, with super talented Soo Winci

Me, myself & 1

Personally terasa nak continue buat business nie disebabkan oleh the only reason PERSONAL TESTIMONI. I'm consumer of product, I used the product, I consume the product and I feel the changes. Sean buat apa? ageLOC TR90 for 90days weight management program, and ageLOC R-Squared for my health. Serious superb and very good after the intake. To be specific untuk weight loss program in 90days, I loss around 35KG and untuk kesihatan my focus on recovery and etc....very fast after gymming.

After the program, more kg's to go! Insha Allah... the best about this program, after 90days still loss and loss

Cerita tak payah membuktikan segalanya.. Kalau berminat nak tahu details info boleh contact Sean at 0196551417 or email ke

October 15, 2014


I have nothing to said, just Victoria Secret experience and I believe kalau boleh get involved dengan VS mega show lagi ler fantastic kan? Buat this event pun dah rasa....OMFG